Postcard of Indianola Park bearing the message "Here we are having a fine time."

Charles Miles' new park was a big success. Columbusites flocked there and Indianola Park took its place as one of the city's premier attractions.

No year in the life of Indianola Park is better commemorated than 1908.

Almost all of the dozen or so different postcards of Indianola Park are based on photographs taken in 1908.

Additionally, Indianola Park produced a small promotional booklet in 1908. Titled Indianola: the elite summer amusement resort, the booklet featured photographs and descriptions of the park's many attractions.

The publication was probably aimed at businesses, trade groups, clubs, Sunday schools, etc. to persuade them to hold their summer picnics at the park.

Right: Park viewed from the southwest.


The booklet's centerpiece was a fold-out panoramic photograph of the park.

The picture was probably taken from the roof of the park's E. 19th Ave. entrance.

Noteworthy features, from left to right, include: the Figure 8 Roller Coaster, the picnic grounds, E. 19th Ave. with a horse and buggy, the E. 19th exit, the dance pavilion, egress from the ladies' changing area, the pool, and one of the tennis courts.

Note the fancy dress of the men and women for a summer outing.

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